Computer Information Systems

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Offered: 2020/2021

  • 2 High School Credits

  • 7 College Credits/Dual Enrollment

Students will gain a complete, step-by- step approach for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. This course fully maps to CompTIA's A+ Exam objectives. Specific topic coverage includes: Introducing hardware and operating systems, working with people in a technical world, form factors, PSUs, processors, motherboards, RAM, HDDs, installing and supporting I/O devices, and general PC maintenance. Students will also be introduced to Local Area Networks (LANS). Investigation of basic networking concepts, hardware and software components, protocols, standards, various network topologies and transmission media as well as the fundamentals of network planning and design will be covered. Additional topics covered include: installation and maintenance of Windows OSs, and UNIX/Linux; troubleshooting network problems; network administration functions and duties. CIS 140 & CIS 142 are the courses for which students may earn college credits.
Student working on networking wires.
Web Development Fundamentals

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Offered: 2021/2022

  • 2 High School Credits

Students will learn the fundamental front-end programming skills in HTML5, CS3 and SASS. Topics covered will include: writing HTML, writing CS3, writing SASS, website planning, user experience, design principles, multimedia elements (pictures, videos, music, etc.) and publishing. Students will work with hypothetical clients to create functions, effective, visually appealing, and responsive websites. Successful completion of this class will prepare students to take the CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification & CIW Web Design Specialist Certification exams.
computer screen with html code displayed