Medical Terminology

2 High School Credits
3 College Credits/Dual Enrollment Available

Prerequisite: Illinois Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate and a minimum grade of “B” in Health Occupations and/or consent of instructors.

This course will continue to prepare students in the healthcare field for further knowledge and advanced work at the college level. Subject matter to be covered will include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and careers in several health occupations. An integral part of the second year curriculum is to have students placed at local medical facilities to experience and aid with patient care and treatment in an unpaid and mostly observatory capacity. In most cases students must be able to provide their own transportation to internship sites. A mandatory drug screen, Flu shot, TB Skin Test and up-to- date immunizations will be required for students to participate in clinical experiences. Consent for the testing and a negative drug screen will be required for a student to remain a full participant in this course. Excellent attendance at the home school and KEC is essential for success in this program. A health occupations student organization (Skills-USA) is provided to support student development. OS 216 Medical Terminology is the course for which students may earn college credit. This class is a 1:1 Chromebook class with most of the assignments given and turned in online to enable students to become college ready in this age of technology.