Automotive Technology I

Automotive Technology I iconAutomotive Technology Ititle

2 High School Credits

3 College Credits/Dual Enrollment Available

This course offers classroom and laboratory instruction to begin preparation for entry
into the field of automotive technology. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of
safety practices and proper use of related test equipment and meters. Topics covered
will be theory and operation of basic electrical systems found on the automobile. This
includes coverage of basic electrical theory, Ohm’s Law, starting/charging systems,
lighting and other basic electrical systems. In addition to hands-on work, students will
be required to use a textbook for reading and written work as well as computers for
online assignments. Students should be able to follow multiple-step directions and work
both independently and in team situations. Successful completion of this course is the
basis for the Kishwaukee College Basic and Advanced Automotive Technology
Certificates and Automotive Technology Associate Degree (A.A.S.) Program. AMT 113 is
the course for which first year students may earn college credit. Students must provide
their own 3-ring binder, safety glasses and writing materials. Students are required to
wear proper shop attire and footwear.
Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology II iconAutomotive Technology IItitle

2 High School Credits

8 College Credits/Dual Enrollment Available

This advanced course allows students to apply and add to the skills acquired in Auto
Technology l. Emphasis is placed on steering, suspension, brakes and related systems.
Information and skills needed 4 to enter automotive related occupations or
certificate/degree programs are stressed. Successful completion of this course meets
Kishwaukee College AMT 110 & 120 course requirements for the Basic and Advanced
Automotive Certificates and the Automotive Technology Associate Degree (A.A.S.)
Programs. Students will be required to provide their own transportation because this class
meets Monday-Friday at 7:00am–8:30am, please talk with your counselor. All Auto
Technology courses are taught by an ASE Master Certified Instructor.
4 students working on an engine inside a car