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  • Location: Legacy Academy PLLC

  • 3 High School Credits, each course

This is a one year program for seniors or a two year program for juniors in Professional Barbering. The barbering  program is offered at Legacy Academy PLLC in Sycamore, IL,  which is an approved and licensed Barber School by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. This course offers students a curriculum in both textbook theory and hands on cutting on the practical floor. The course includes hair cutting and styling, safety and sanitation, anatomy, infection control, disorders of the skin, the art of shaving with straight razors, client consultation, barbershop management, bookkeeping and product retail. The school's practical floor will offer services to the community performed by students in training under the direct supervision of a state licensed Barber Instructor. The course also includes advanced theoretical and practical skill development with the completion of approximately 1000 hours of the 1500 hours required by the Illinois Barbering Board in order to take the Illinois Professional Barbering Licensure Examination to become a Illinois Licensed Barber. 
Legacy Academy will provide both a one-year Barbering Program with a minimum of 520 hours of the state of Illinois required 1500 hours or a two-year program with a minimum of 1040 hours.
The class schedule is available as follows:
  •   Classes        Wednesdays - Thursdays - Fridays2-6 p.m.

    Legacy Academy PLLC will follow the KEC school year calendar.
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