Cosmetology 1 & 2

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  • 3 High School Credits, each course

This program, conducted through a contract with state approved schools of cosmetology, is designed to begin to prepare students to qualify for the Illinois licensing examination in cosmetology.  The program consists of 520 hours per year for a total of 1040 hours of the 1,500 hours of instruction required for state licensing. Classroom and practical experiences include a variety of beauty treatments including the care of hair, complexion and hands.  Instruction includes: hair cutting, hair styling, chemical treatments, hair coloring and manicuring.  Bacteriology, anatomy, hygiene, sanitation, salon management and customer relations are also emphasized.  Students should be able to read text materials written at a 10th grade level.  They should be able to follow multiple step directions working alone and in a team environment.  They should also be able to follow safety procedures and work appropriately with the public.  Students should expect to attend class and do clinical work that may extend beyond the regular high school day.  For this reason, they should plan to provide their own transportation.  Students are responsible for the initial registration cost of TBA as well as the purchase of the personal tools and professional kit which usually runs about TBA, as well as a monthly lab fee of TBA per semester for 2nd year students and TBA per semester for 1st year students.  Students are also responsible for the remaining hours of instruction typically completed after high school graduation.   
Group of students practicing cosmetology