Criminal Justice 1 & 2

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  • 2 High Credits, per Course

  • 12 College Credits/Dual Enrollment Available

» Criminal Justice 2 - Prerequisite: "C" grade average and/or consent of instructor

This is a 2 year dual-enrollment curriculum consisting of four subjects with each subject having 3 college credit hours.  This program gives an in-depth insight into the real world of the criminal justice system.  The course introduces the student to four major areas of criminal justice during the 2 year program.  The courses studied are Criminal Investigations, Community Oriented Policing, Introduction to Criminal Justice and Crisis/Conflict Mediation.  Students will learn to process a crime scene and preserve evidence as well as note taking, report writing and problem solving skills.  Methods used to reduce crime in neighborhoods and effective ways to interact with citizens of the community during a crisis or conflict will be studied.  The relationships of various agencies in the criminal justice system and the responsibilities of each agency will be examined.  Students will be expected to actively participate in role-playing and hands-on scenarios, follow multiple-step directions and work both independently and in team situations.  The successful student will be structured and disciplined with excellent comprehension skills.  Excellent attendance and participation in physical fitness training is mandatory.  Coursework will provide an introduction to the community college program.  Successful completion of this course is the basis for the Kishwaukee College Criminal Justice Associate Degree (A.A.S.) Program.  CRJ101, CRJ152, CRJ170 and CRJ201 are the courses for which students may earn college credits.  CRJ201-Criminal Investigations and CRJ152-Community Oriented Policing are taught one year and CRJ101-Introduction to Criminal Justice and CRJ170-Crisis/Conflict Mediation are taught the alternate year. Being a dual-enrolled student in the college program, the student is considered a college student when attending the Criminal Justice CTE program.  They will be governed under the requirements of the college as well as the criminal justice instructor. The student may be required to wear a police cadet type uniform on certain days of the week when enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program.  A Night Class for Criminal Justice is offered on Tuesday evenings from 5-8pm.
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