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Basic Operations Firefighter WCC Dual Credit

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This course provides the lecture and practical training toward the Basic Operations Firefighter Certification by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. This course covers fire department organization, fire behavior, building construction, safety, communications, self-contained breathing apparatus, extinguishers, ropes and knots, nozzles and streams, water supply, forcible entry, ladders, hose and appliances, ventilation,Fireground Search and Rescue, Fire Control, Loss Control, Alarm Detection and Suppression Systems, Fire Prevention and Education, Wildland Firefighting, Firefighter Survival, Preserving Evidence.

Firefighter Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is for those interested in completing the requirements for Basic Operations Certification

Course Requirements 16

  • FSC105 Basic Operations Firefighter Module A

  • FSC115 Basic Operations Firefighter Module B

  • FSC118 Basic Operations Firefighter Module C

  • FSC120 Hazardous Materials Operations

  • FSC215 Technical Rescue and Vehicle Operations

Program Total 16 Credit Hours

Advanced Firefighter WCC Dual Credit

Advanced Firefighter             WCC Dual Credit iconAdvanced Firefighter WCC Dual Credittitle

Advanced Technician Firefighter This course provides partial training toward Advanced Technician Firefighter Certification and instructs Basic Operations Firefighter students in advanced firefighting techniques. Content for this course includes fire department organization, fire behavior, safety, communications, building construction, ladders, fire hose, water supply, tools and equipment, forcible entry, ventilation, fire control, protecting evidence for cause and origin, fire prevention and education, fire detection and alarm suppression systems, firefighter survival and technical rescue. Successful completion of this course, practical completion and passage of the state written exam along with other required Office of the State Fire Marshal courses leads to Office of the State Fire Marshal Certification as an Advanced Technician Firefighter.

Fire Apparatus Engineer This course is designed to provide students with the necessary background, knowledge and skills to perform the duties of a fire apparatus engineer, which include pump operations, pump functions, pumper components, pumper requirements for maintaining and testing apparatus, fire stream development, and water supply in relation to various fire ground situations. This course provides training toward Fire Apparatus Engineer Certification by the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Tactics and Strategy I This introduction to the basic principles and methods associated with fireground tactics and strategy as required of the company officer emphasizes size-up, fire ground operations, pre-fire planning, and basic engine and truck company operation

Recommended Prereq:  Basic Operations Firefighter

Program Total  11  Credit Hours