Sponsor: Mr. Delano

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KEC Student Ambassadors is a club to help the school in the best and most effective ways that we can. We also reach out to help the community as well. Here at K.E.C. the Student Ambassadors provide for the classroom in many ways. On a yearly basis we buy sharks for a science class dissection, provide food for the fun fall Festival, fund staff member of the month contest, provide supplies for classrooms and coordinate spirit days. We also provide an outlet for staff to get supplies for the classroom. The Student Ambassadors are always proud to help in any way. In the community we are involved in Big Brother/ Big Sister and Meals On Wheels. The Student Ambassadors have also raised money for a Susan B. Anthony Fundraiser and an Autism Fundraiser. Student Ambassadors gives the kids that are involved in the group a chance to have a voice and to be able to help make a difference in there school. The school may be small, but it's a big deal to us!